Faithful to the AN2V Universities

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Faithful to the AN2V Universities

Le 2 Gennaio 2020

The “AN2V Universities” are back in Lyon!

Every 2 years, the “AN2V Universities” take place in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. We are happy to attend once again, and meet all the great team of the AN2V (National Association for Videoprotection), as well as all the attendees, on January 30 and 31!

We will have the pleasure to participate in the #10 Workshop on the theme “Video analysis and video artificial intelligence? What realities, What limits, What perspectives?” This workshop will be held on Friday January 31 from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.

#10 Workshop in more details:

Video analysis, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, DAA (Automatic Detection of Abnormalities), neural network, convolution, real time, forensic, behavioral analysis, etc. are terms that you hear more and more. But what is the offer / product / reality behind all these terms?

This workshop offers you a state of the art on video analysis, on artificial intelligence used in video, and on emerging technologies in this field. Through feedbacks, we will take a quick look at what is being sold, what is operational, what is useful today. We will explain what are the limits. And we will talk about the future, and the immense prospects that these technologies open up for us.