New: FoxIntruder integrates with HIKVISION cameras!

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New: FoxIntruder integrates with HIKVISION cameras!

Le 8 Marzo 2018

FoxIntruder, Foxstream’s Edge solution already available in Axis cameras, is now also available with HIKVISION’s thermal camera range DS-2TD2136.

Entirely embedded inside the camera, FoxIntruder detects intrusions and sends alarms with the OSD (on Screen Display) to remote monitoring stations or VMS, for a real-time protection and an immediate doubt removal. The software operation is simple and intuitive, while offering sensitive configuration thanks to perspective, sensitivity and zone parameters.

FoxIntruder can be integrated to the main leading VMS and remote station, thanks to a simple software add-on. As the server-based solution FoxVigi, FoxIntruder integrates to Alcea, Genetec, Gunnebo, Jet1Oeil, Lenel, Milestone, as well as to Azursoft, ESI or T2I.

Learn more about FoxIntruder.